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Hello there!

Thank you for visiting. We need your help to create the coolest Nottingham-themed item of the year, and after all, it's going to be in YOUR homes/schools/hospitals/nurseries, so it makes sense you have a say in how it's designed and what it looks like!

As a thank you for your time and input, you'll receive a unique 40% discount code off your Nottingham Hippo Mat™ pre-order, as well as a free car. If you've already pre-ordered yours, we'll give you a 40% refund - boom!

In this round of edits, we particularly need your opinion on:

Let's start off by looking at some COLOUR SCHEMES - we've got 12 variants for you to look at. Click on a design to see it enlarged:

Option 1 (blue/grey roads with grey pavements)

Worried that the image is slightly pixelated? Don't worry - this is because the images you are seeing are lower quality copies of the original main file, which is an AI file. AI files don't lose quality whatsoever (which means it'll look amazing once printed on our microfibre velvet mats!), however are way too big to put on this web page.

Option 2 (blue/grey roads with colourful pavements)
Option 3 (grey roads with grey pavements)
Option 4 (grey roads with colourful pavements)

Simplified Road Layout

Option 5 (pink roads with grey pavements)
Option 6 (pink roads with colourful pavements)
Option 7 (teal roads with grey pavements)
Option 8 (teal roads with colourful pavements)

Simplified Road Layout

Children aged 0-8 are a long way off from hitting the roads as drivers just yet. By featuring a simplified road layout, children are able to focus more on places they love and recognise.

Option 9 (grey/yellow roads with grey pavements)
Option 10 (grey/yellow roads with colourful pavements)
Option 11 (grey/blue roads with grey pavements)
Option 12 (grey/blue roads with colourful pavements)

Next up let's look at some of the landmarks of Nottingham a bit closer (scroll sideways to view more - there are 4 close-ups in total):

Can you recognise any places/landmarks?

It may be hard to visualise this design in it's full glory; just try to remember that the design will be either 100cm², 140cm², or 180cm² on our high quality microfibre velvet mat which has amazing print quality. The 100cm² mat will show these square "sections" (as you see above) as approx. 13-14cm across, with 8cm wide roads. You can try to zoom in on your phone/tablet/computer screen to try and replicate this: that's how large the illustrations will be!

Okay, so once you've let that sink in, below you can submit your feedback. Feel free to scroll back up and have another look at anything you need to.

Once your feedback has been received, it'll be reviewed and we'll discuss implementing it immediately. We'll try to respond to every email individually, so keep an eye on your junk/spam folder.

As a thank you for your time and effort, you will be emailed your unique code which wil give you 40% off a Nottingham Hippo Mat™ as well as a free car.

Please share this web page with your friends/families/colleagues so more people can help shape the BEST Nottingham-themed item of the year! 💛

Loving it? Pre-order yours here. If you provided feedback, you'll have a juicy 40% discount to redeem too. Hoorah!

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