1st December 2023 4:57 pm

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Arrival of New Stock Delayed:

End of November is the Current ETA

The wait will be worth it!

Help Design Your Hippo Mat™

Car play mats themed to where you live are a great idea. To do the idea justice and make the designs as awesome as possible, it only makes sense we all contribute to what the designs actually look like!

So, if you want to see your town or city hippo-fied and turned into a Hippo Mat™, or if your design is out of date as the places around where you live change, let us know and we’ll update the design!

Now and always, we strive for every single Hippo Mat™ to be filled with love, creativity, magic, and authenticity. Part of our drive is to be community-driven: your Hippo Mat™ is based on where YOU live, therefore it makes sense YOU have a say in how it looks.

Look forward to hearing your suggestions!



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