Hippo Mat™
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A: Yes. Payments are taken through either Stripe or PayPal, both are globally recognised for being safe, secure, and efficient.

A: Good question!

The 12 original Hippo Mat™ locations (the one available in 2021) are all designed by artists who either lived or have lived the location that particular Hippo Mat™ depicts. Who else better to design it than someone who knows the ins and outs of it? You can see who designed which Hippo Mat™ by viewing our Artists page.

Wondering what your 2022 Hippo Mat™ design will look like? Check out the Hippo News on our blog, where we’re posting monthly updates and sneak peeks (as well as on our social media channels @hippomatuk).

A: Firstly, Hippo Mat™ is a tool to help children learn local recognisable landmarks and amenities, thus enhance their development. It’s really not a, nor do we want it to be, an accurate map of the area.

Secondly, children aged 0-8 are a long way off from hitting the roads as drivers just yet! By featuring a simplified road layout, children are able to focus more on places they love and recognise. Not to mention it allows us to cram in loads of landmarks local to you!

Thirdly and lastly, we’ve injected a little bit of Hippo personality to each design, which is a reason you may find that some buildings are altered/exaggerated. For example, a museum may be have a fairly un-interesting building (especially to a child) – how can you even tell it’s a museum? To add some personality, we may have added one of it’s most famous exhibits on the outside of the building (when in real life, it’s inside the building).



Each Hippo Mat design is ultimately a piece of artwork, and our interpretation of what we wanted to achieve. Art, by nature, will not please everyone. We did a lot of research into each location, as well as invited the community from each location to help us design it by suggestion landmarks and features they wanted their design to include!

All of the landmarks and features you see on each Hippo Mat™ design are based on likeness of their real-life counterparts. You may have noticed a “spelling mistake” on your design. This is not a spelling mistake, however it’s a tactical name-change of something which may be trademarked, and in an attempt to avoid any trademark issues, we’ve simply altered the name very slightly. It’s either that, or each Hippo Mat™ would have to be a lot more expensive as we would have had to pay a lot of money in contracts with other companies!

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