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A: The beautiful battle of a Hippo Mat™ design is this: you want to maintain true to reality so that the product is as accurate and therefore as educational as possible. However on the other hand, the design must fit within the realm of being a car play mat design: the roads must be a certain width, you want to fit in as many features of an area as possible but are trying to cram them into a design.

We aim for the things you see on your Hippo Mat™ to be recognisable.

It’s difficult stuff, that’s why we’re constantly looking for ways to make each design more authentic, unique, and magical which is why we actively seek feedback from our amazing community all of the time!

Here are some thoughts behind the Hippo Mat™ design process:

1. A Hippo Mat™ is not supposed to be used as an accurate map of the area, or to be used as an actual navigation device. Ultimately Hippo Mat™ is a tool to help children learn local recognisable landmarks and amenities, thus enhance their development.

2. Children aged 0-8 are a long way off from hitting the roads as drivers just yet! By featuring simplified road layouts, children are able to focus more on places they love and recognise. Not to mention it allows us to cram in loads of landmarks local to you!

3. Each design has been HIPPO-FIED design, which is a reason you may find that some buildings are altered/exaggerated. For example, a museum may be have a fairly un-interesting building (especially to a child) – how can you even tell it’s a museum? To add some personality, we may have added one of it’s most famous exhibits on the outside of the building (when in real life, it’s inside the building).

Above: This is the science museum in Aberdeen. There isn’t an active volcano in Aberdeen and a huge tornado with a cow in it, however we thought it’d be awesome and more visual to add this, so why not? We always look to sprinkle extra little bits of magic like this where possible 😊

4. Always listen to the community and keep each Hippo Mat™ design up-to-date

All of the landmarks and features you see on each Hippo Mat™ design are based on likeness of their real-life counterparts.

You may have noticed a “spelling mistake” on your design. This is not a spelling mistake, however it’s a tactical name-change of something which may be trademarked, and in an attempt to avoid any trademark issues, we’ve simply altered the name very slightly. It’s either that, or each Hippo Mat™ would have to be a lot more expensive as we would have had to pay a lot of money in contracts with other companies!

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