Hippo Mat™
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🚚 Delivery for Hippo Mat™’s will begin from 1st September 2020 and follow thereafter in the following options:

  • Shipping postcode is in the area of that particular Hippo Mat™ | 3-5 Working Days | FREE
  • Elsewhere in the UK | 3-5 Working Days | £8.99
  • International Shipping | Contact Us
  • Accessories cost £4.99 for delivery, however are free when you buy any Hippo Mat™

A: Yes. Payments are taken through either Stripe or PayPal, both are globally recognised for being safe, secure, and efficient.

A: Good question!

The question was definitely asked as to whether a single talented illustrator should have designed every Hippo Mat™, or if the illustrator for a particular location should either live there, be from there, or have lived there for a significant amount of time.

What would you rather: the design of a talented artist who’s never even visited your town/city? Or, a talented artist who’s lived there, experienced it, and knows and loves it?

Well, we prefer the second option, for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, it shares the love more. More talented artists can have a shot at creating an awesome item which is themed to an actual place, which holds a place in theirs and many others hearts.

Secondly, the design possesses a certain “feel”, unique to that local area, as it literally imbues the creative vision of an actual local who’s experienced the destination for real.

We hope you enjoy your uniquely perfect rendition!

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