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Happy New Year!

We're working on New

Designs as we speak!

Hi all!

It’s been a while! The Hippo Team have been hard at work since we last spoke listening to feedback, working on new designs, and fulfilling lots of orders…

  • Stock Update: Some Designs are Running Low, and some are Back in Stock!
  • First look at 10 New Hippo Mat™ design
  • Reg’s Pledge Recipient: St Laurence Church Infants
  • 50% off any 1 item (first 5 people only)

You don’t want to miss it!

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Finally the time has come to ship out over 250 pre-orders which have been placed from as far back as June 2021! We’re SO excited for everyone to see, feel, and play with their new toy.

For the first time ever, Reg the Hippo has been fabricated as he hides out somewhere in a unique outfit on every single design (almost in a homage to Where’s Wally?).

We’re also including a handful of freebies with every single order to enhance your unpackaging experience even more.

Make sure you let us know/see where your new toy calls home by sharing your thoughts and photos with us – it really means the world!

Because we’re a new company, we can’t really afford to buy tons and tons of stock. Some other companies will purposefully restrict available stock in order to hike up the demand (and therefore price).

We’ll we’re not creating low quantities because we want to – it’s more because we have to! Start-up life is hard, as life is hard for everyone across the country.

We will print more, of course, so as many homes/schools/hospitals can have their own car play mat themed to where the live as possible – it’s a cool product which we (the team behind hippo mat) all think would have been awesome when we were kids.

Anyway, all of this typing is just to tell you that unfortunately due to multiple circumstances, we’re only able to make TEN pieces of each Hippo Mat™ design, and that we fully anticipate them to sell out rather quickly as that’s what we’ve learnt from last year! 

Aberdeen: 5/10pcs left – pre-order now

Barnsley: 6/10pcs left – pre-order now

Bedford: 5/10pcs left – pre-order now

Bournemouth: 5/10pcs left – pre-order now

Bradford: 5/10pcs left – pre-order now

Bristol: 6/10pcs left – pre-order now

Cambridge: 5/10pcs left – pre-order now

Canterbury: 6/10pcs left – pre-order now

Cardiff: 5/10pcs left – pre-order now

Chester: 6/10pcs left – pre-order now

Colchester: 5/10pcs left – pre-order now

Derby: 6/10pcs left – pre-order now

Doncaster: 5/10pcs left – pre-order now

Dublin: 6/10pcs left – pre-order now

Dundee: 5/10pcs left – pre-order now

Edinburgh: 6/10pcs left – pre-order now

Hull: 5/10pcs left – pre-order now

Ipswich: 6/10pcs left – pre-order now

Leeds: 5/10pcs left – pre-order now

Leicester: 6/10pcs left – pre-order now

Middlesbrough: 5/10pcs left – pre-order now

Milton Keynes: 6/10pcs left – pre-order now

Newport: 5/10pcs left – pre-order now

Northampton: 6/10pcs left – pre-order now

Nottingham: 5/10pcs left – pre-order now

Oxford: 6/10pcs left – pre-order now

Peterborough: 5/10pcs left – pre-order now

Plymouth: 6/10pcs left – pre-order now

Poole: 5/10pcs left – pre-order now

Portsmouth: 6/10pcs left – pre-order now

Sheffield: 5/10pcs left – pre-order now

Southampton: 6/10pcs left – pre-order now

Southend: 5/10pcs left – pre-order now

Stoke: 6/10pcs left – pre-order now

Swansea: 5/10pcs left – pre-order now

We really listened to your feedback regarding the grid-system some of our new designs this year featured and scrapped it. It makes total sense. Now, each design even has the road names of their real-life counterparts.

Thank you so much to everyone and anyone who submits their feedback to us – it’s truly helping us create something epic here 😄

So without further ado, we present to you ten new Hippo Mat™ designs (their first ever versions). We hope you like them!

Help Design Your Hippo Mat™

Car play mats themed to where you live are a great idea. To do the idea justice, it only makes sense we all contribute to what the designs actually look like!

Now and always, we strive for every single Hippo Mat™ to be filled with love, creativity, magic, and authenticity. Part of our drive is to be community-driven: your Hippo Mat™ is based on where YOU live, therefore it makes sense YOU have a say in how it looks.

Across the country, hundreds of homes, schools, hospitals, nurseries already have their own Hippo Mat™, and this number is only going to grow! This hippo-verse is not just exclusive to some people behind the logos. We should create it, together. Collaboration, community, and creativity are things which perhaps we need now more than ever. 



Hippo Mat™ is a new venture, as such we didn’t buy loads of stock. At the time of releasing this Hippo News, nearly half of remaining stock has already been pre-ordered, and we’re only just about to enter the proper festive season

If you want to secure the COOLEST gift of the year, it’s strongly advised you do so sooner rather than later. We offer a 100% refund if you change your mind at any point between now and your order arriving in next month, and it means you’re going to be one of the lucky 10 owners of a Hippo Mat™ this year where you live.


FREE Toy Bugatti Veyron with every pre-order - just use code "PREBUG" whilst the toy is in your basket

St Laurance Church Infants, based in Birmingham, applied for a free Hippo Mat™ through our Reg’s Pledge initiative. Here’s what they had to say:

“Year One have been learning about #roadsafety – we talked about rules to be safe by the road, made posters role-played and used the small world people and cars to practise crossing at pedestrian crossings.

Thank you to @hippomatuk who gifted the school this beautiful Birmingham play mat: the local landmarks gave a real purpose to the play as we took our pedestrians to visit New Street Station, the bronze bull and other attractions.”

organisations have received at least one free Hippo Mat™ (or it's en route to them!)
0 /100

10% of profits go towards Reg's Pledge

Reg’s Pledge is only possible thanks to you not only purchasing your own Hippo Mat™, but also sharing the good word to your friends/families/co-workers. Let’s keep sharing the love of loving our local areas!

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50% off 1x Hippo Mat™ 50% off 1x Hippo Mat™
Use code Use code


  1. Add your chosen Hippo Mat™ to your basket
  2. You will now be able to use the code ‘HIPPONEWS08’ which will remove 50% of the price of the Hippo Mat™
  3. Don’t forget to also use code ‘FREESHIP’ to give you free shipping!
  4. As a thankyou for you taking a chance on us and placing a pre-order, you can add a toy Bugatti to your basket and then use code ‘PREBUG’ which will remove the cost of the Bugatti

2022 saw not only 32 new Hippo Mat™ designs completed (out of our goal of 35) all of which are completely unique to different towns and cities across the UK(!), we also introduced a new colour scheme/logo and of course THE Reg the Hippo!

The feedback has been AMAZING, and the continuing orders and pre-orders are a testament to this! We asked you for feedback on the first batch of new designs, and made a decision to make grid-style designs as it meant we could allocate more resources to the unique landmarks to each destination, however at the sacrifice of a unique road layout.

Since then, we’ve had a rising number of Hippo Mat Lovers telling us that some of you weren’t fans of the grid-style layouts we went for. Long story short, we listened and changed the second batch of designs (those ones will arrive in 2023). Community, customer-service, and authenticity are important factors of Hippo Mat™, so that’s why our designs are based on your feedback. I just hope these feelings are conveyed effectively to you! 🙂

The small team behind Hippo are excited every day about our cool product, and what we can try our hardest to make this company become. When you open up a Hippo Mat™ hopefully you will be pleasantly surprised not only with it’s superior quality, but also the secret freebies we’ve included too.

We’ve got so many more ideas for the future and hope to continue growing slowly and healthily in order to create a meaningful company which impacts our country and youth in a positive way!

To hear so many suggestions and positive feedback from people across the UK about this little company is humbling. I hope we are doing this cool idea justice and can continue to do so in the future. In fact, honestly, I hope more than that. I want to surpass your expectations as much as possible.

It’s a long process, however greatness takes time and effort. Thank you for being part of our journey so far.

I hope this year has been everything you wished. Life is tough sometimes. But what are the highs without the lows?

Have a great November and December, and will speak to you in the New Year (unless we’re connected via socials which you totes should be)!

All the best,

Marcos Millet (Head Hippo)

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