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Happy New Year!

We're working on New

Designs as we speak!

📰 In February’s Hippo News:

  • Sneak peaks on the new Hippo Mat™ designs for Doncaster, Oxford, and Portsmouth
  • More epic customer photos
  • A closer look at an amazing organisation who received a free Hippo Mat™ through Reg’s Pledge
  • Our first DIY crafts video (just in case you missed it)
  • More free accessory bundles worth over £40 when you pre-order any Hippo Mat™ (coupon is inside)


Let’s get into it!

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In 2022, a total of 35 new Hippo Mat™ locations are being released. They are being designed as we speak with your help! Not only can you win some awesome prizes for helping out, you’ll have the satisfaction that YOUR suggestion is on one of the coolest items of the year 😎

Last month we showed you sneak peeks of of a few of the lucky places around the UK to get their own Hippo Mat™ this. Over 10% of our available stock for those locations (Aberdeen, Barnsley, and Colchester) plummeted that very day!

This month, we’re pleased to show you a smattering of illustrations from even more locations including Doncaster, Oxford, and Portsmouth!

Everything you see has been suggested by someone who lives in that place!

Have Your Say

If you’re liking how things are going for the next generation of Hippo Mat™ designs for 2022 (35 new locations!), and you have faith in this awesome product (and us!),  it’s highly recommended you place a pre-order. We’re only going to be making very limited amounts, and if it’s anything like 2021, they’ll sell out quickly…


FREE Toy Bugatti Veyron with every pre-order - just use code "PREBUG" whilst the toy is in your basket

Make sure you share your photos and tag us @hippomatuk. The crazier, the better!

Steps were taken to reach our ongoing goal of sharing the love of loving your local area, in a time which perhaps we need it the most. Last month, two more organisations were accepted to receive a free Hippo Mat™:

HMP Styal Mother and Baby Unit

“The mother and baby unit residents love the mat and have been busy showing the babies the sights of Manchester on it!

Unfortunately due to COVID many of our babies have been unable to go out on town so know very little of the world outside of the prison – which is really quite sad. The Manchester Hippo Mat has given them a brief glimpse of Manchester city and they all really enjoy playing on it.

Thank you once again for providing us with one!”

We RELY on YOU to keep sharing the good word about this to your friends/families/co-workers so that we can keep sharing the love of your local area and give back a little something to the community.

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organisations have received at least one free Hippo Mat™ (or it's en route to them!)

10% of profits go towards Reg's Pledge

Hold down or right click on the image to save it, where you'll then be able to print it from your device

1. Cut out the road signs (remember to leave white edges for the stop sign, mini roundabout sign, and no entry signs)
2. Glue a sign to each lolly stick
3. Pierce lids with knife *adult help needed*
4. Push a stick into each base
5. Voila!

Last month it took less than 48 hours for 10 coupons to be grabbed up! We even started receiving DMs from you guys asking if a similar deal would ever be posted. Well, good things come to those who wait. Here’s a free Accessory Bundle worth over £40 with every Hippo Mat™ pre-order, for the first FIVE people only. Yeah!

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coupons redeemed (sorry - try again next month!)
Free Accessories Bundle
with every pre-order
Use code Use code


  1. Add the Accessories Bundle (£43.93) to your basket
  2. Add the Hippo Mat™ you’d like to pre-order to your basket
  3. You will now be able to use the code ‘HIPPONEWS05’ which will remove the price of the Accessories Bundle from your total
  4. Don’t forget to also use code ‘FREESHIP’ to give you free shipping!

As well as fulfilling orders and posting on the social media channels, the humans are deep in illustration-mode right now – there’ll be design updates from at least 3 more locations, as well as other bits and bobs too. We’re even thinking about making some short animations all about my adventures – what do you reckon?



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