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Happy New Year!

We're working on New

Designs as we speak!

We’ve safely landed in 2022, sure we might have some cuts and bruises from the last couple of years but nothing that can’t be healed with an amazing year this year!

In the first Hippo News of the year, you’ll find the following:

  • A bit more information about the new face of Hippo Mat™
  • A closer look at an amazing organisation who received a free Hippo Mat™ through Reg’s Pledge
  • Sneak peaks on the next release of Hippo Mat™ designs (particularly for Aberdeen, Barnsley, Colchester, and Nottingham!)
  • Free accessories bundle worth over £40 when you pre-order any Hippo Mat™ for the whole of January (coupon is inside)

Let’s get into it!

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December was relatively quiet for Reg’s Pledge, however over £1000 worth of Hippo Mat™ goodness was given away to worthy organisations in October and November alone, so we’re hoping you can forgive us! It also was due to the fact most of our resources were going towards the preparation of this new era of Hippo Mat™. Rest assured our goal still stands: to share the love of loving your local area.

Having said that, here’s a look back at a few of the awesome organisations who have received a free Hippo Mat™ through our Reg’s Pledge scheme recently.

Delaware Pre-School

The Delaware Pre-Schoolers have been enjoying their #CornwallHippoMat, gifted to them through our Reg’s Pledge initiative. Busy Play! 🚘

🏫 Delaware Pre-school have a dedicated Special Educational Needs and Disabilities coordinator to ensure everyone gets the most out of their time at Pre-School. Equality at its best – Noice! 😊

Laura's Little Angels

Laura’s Little Angels have been enjoying spotting familiar places they’ve visited on their #BlackpoolHippoMat, gifted to them through our Reg’s Pledge initiative. Legends! 🙌

🏫 Laura has been Ofsted Registered for over 16 years and received an outstanding Ofsted report for the second time in 2016! Definitely worth receiving a free Hippo Mat

Park Primary

The students at Colne Park Primary School are enjoying their #LondonHippoMat, gifted to them through our Reg’s Pledge initiative. Legends! 🙌

Although Park Primary is based in Lancashire, the students are looking forward to being able to explore the capital from the classroom, particularly useful as it’s their current topic, and the London Hippo Mat™ has over 30 unique landmarks and features 😲

🏫 At the school, they teach strong values such as setting good examples to those younger than you, to be caring, cheerful, friendly, honest, pleased when others succeed, polite, and honest. The future is in good hands 😊

We’re touched by the types of organisations who are applying for a free Hippo Mat™, and a simple share can let someone know about Reg’s Pledge when they wouldn’t otherwise have known about it. We RELY on YOU to keep sharing the good word about this to your friends/families/co-workers so that we can keep sharing the love of your local area and give back a little something to the community.

organisations have received at least one free Hippo Mat™ (or it's en route to them!)
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10% of profits go towards Reg's Pledge

In 2022, a total of 35 new Hippo Mat™ locations are being released. They are being designed as we speak with your help! Not only can you win some awesome prizes for helping out, you’ll have the satisfaction that YOUR suggestion is on one of the coolest items of the year 😎

Our illustration style is going to be simple and playful, with a sprinkle of magic. Below is a smattering of some sneak previews of what’s to come in 2022…

Have Your Say!

If you’re liking how things are going for the next generation of Hippo Mat™ designs for 2022 (35 new locations!), and you have faith in this awesome product (and us!),  it’s highly recommended you place a pre-order. We’re only going to be making very limited amounts, and if it’s anything like 2021, they’ll sell out quickly…


FREE Toy Bugatti Veyron with every pre-order - just use code "PREBUG" whilst the toy is in your basket

No crazy 70% discounts this month, however we do have something else pretty tasty. For the first TEN people only, grab a free Accessory Bundle worth over £40 with every Hippo Mat™ pre-order. Go go go!

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Free Accessories Bundle
with every pre-order
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  1. Add the Accessories Bundle (£43.93) to your basket
  2. Add the Hippo Mat™ you’d like to pre-order to your basket
  3. You will now be able to use the code ‘HIPPONEWS04’ which will remove the price of the Accessories Bundle from your total
  4. Don’t forget to also use code ‘FREESHIP’ to give you free shipping!

The small team here are super hard at work collecting hundreds of suggestions of wicked landmarks and stuff you’d all like to see on your Hippo Mat™, plotting them, and illustrating them in our cool hippo-fied style. It is super intensive, as we’re trying to fill each design with as much love and creativity as possible. So in February we’ll have SO MANY more awesome illustrations to show you, from places all over the UK!



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