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Happy New Year!

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Hello again!

We’re officially into woolly jumper season which sees the third ever Hippo News!

In this edition, we’ll be looking back at an awesome November (thanks to you!), including:

  • Latest shipping update surrounding any unfulfilled orders
  • How we gave away over £500 of Hippo Mat™ goodness
  • Photographic evidence of many happy Hippo Mat™ owners
  • Sneak peaks on the next release of Hippo Mat™ designs
  • A very exclusive 70% discount code

See you there!

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The new Hippo Mat™ logo will come into action fully in 2022

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Whilst new stock has arrived, there are still a handful of orders are still affected – particularly Glasgow Hippo Mat™ and Newcastle Hippo Mat™ orders.

10 different Hippo Mat™ locations can now be ordered and will arrive in 3-5 working days.

The remaining Glasgow and Newcastle Hippo Mat™ stock has arrived in the UK yesterday (30th November) and has to clear customs before arriving at the Hippo HQ. From there, it’ll be sent next day tracked delivery to you. So by mid-December your order should arrive. Please contact us if the time frame is not suitable for you and a refund will be arranged immediately.

organisations have received at least one free Hippo Mat™ (or it's en route to them!)
0 /100

Thanks to shares from Norwich Mumbler and other amazing people and pages, we received over 100 applications from fantastic organisations across the country who’d like to receive a free Hippo Mat™ through our Reg’s Pledge initiative! Wow! We’re still processing the applications, however here are 7 organisations who’ve been accepted so far (taking our total to 45):

Above: Park Primary in Lancashire, who successfully applied for a free Hippo Mat™ in September, received their London Hippo Mat™ recently and are loving it to learn about the capital city!

We’re touched by the types of organisations who are applying for a free Hippo Mat™, and a simple share can let someone know about Reg’s Pledge when they wouldn’t otherwise have known about it. We RELY on YOU to keep sharing the good word about this to your friends/families/co-workers so that we can keep sharing the love of your local area and give back a little something to the community.

10% of profits go towards Reg's Pledge

@DalmarnockPS are enjoying their #GlasgowHippoMat! They tweeted: “P1 loved their new car mat showing Glasgow landmarks. Lots of discussion about north and south of the river. Love that the Barrowlands is included. F recognised the Duke of Wellington statue.”

“We’re not in the West end of the city, we’re in the BEST end…providing a happy, stimulating and secure learning environment that encourages positive working attitudes in all our pupils, and fosters respect and tolerance for the beliefs and opinions of others.”

Make sure you share your photos and tag us @hippomatuk. The crazier, the better!

In 2022, a total of 35 new Hippo Mat™ locations are being released. They are being designed as we speak with your help! Not only can you win some awesome prizes for helping out, you’ll have the satisfaction that YOUR suggestion is on one of the coolest items of the year 😎

Our illustration style is going to be simple and playful, with a sprinkle of magic. Below is a smattering of some sneak previews of what’s to come in 2022…

Help Design Your Hippo Mat™: Submit a Suggestion

If you’re liking how things are going for the next generation of Hippo Mat™ designs for 2022 (35 new locations!), and you have faith in this awesome product (and us!),  it’s highly recommended you place a pre-order. We’re only going to be making very limited amounts, and if it’s anything like this 2021, they’ll sell out quickly…


FREE Toy Bugatti Veyron with every pre-order - just use code "PREBUG" whilst the toy is in your basket

In other news, the Quayside Seaside in Newcastle has recently permanently closed 😞 Scott Barker very kindly replaced the Quayside Seaside with an ice cream van instead on the Newcastle Hippo Mat™ 😊 The old-style (with the Quayside Seaside) will continue to be sold before being replaced by the new design in early 2022.

Over £150 of prizes were won in November!

After the collaboration with and over 50 entries, competition winner @magic.marson won themselves a Birmingham Hippo Mat™

@northcornwallrocks very kindly agreed to host a competition on their page, where @gembo_jo won themselves a Cornwall Hippo Mat™

Our friends at @bathchristmasmarket allowed us to spread the Christmas cheer, where there were over 100 entries of whom @abbiecostain triumphed over winning themselves a Bath Hippo Mat™

See, people DO actually win! You gotta be in ’em to win ’em! Competitions are usually hosted on our social media platforms, so make sure you’re following us and engaged so that you see the post 😊

Last month’s 70% off coupons were snapped up super quick, so we thought we’d issue 3 more. For the first THREE people only, there’s a 70% off to be redeemed off one item from the Hippo Mat™ website. Order up!

70% off

any one item any one item
Use code Use code


coupons redeemed
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From me (Reg the Hippo), and the human team who help me, we hope you have a wonderful and enjoyable December, whether you’re celebrating Christmas or not. Let’s all try to give to others, and be appreciative when given to of the mere fact that person has thought about us to give us a gift. It really is the thought that counts.

It’s been nice to meet you and I’m looking forward to taking over the reigns in the New Year. See you there!



The new Hippo Mat™ logo will come into action fully in 2022

Upon reflection, 2021 probably was not the best time to be starting up a company which relies on international shipping! We tried to manufacture Hippo Mat™ in the UK, however it’s simply too expensive. For the quality a Hippo Mat™ has (high quality materials including microfibre velvet, non-slip backing, precision printing, embroidered stitch edging, high quality cotton label) would have cost £50 just to manufacture! This would mean it’d have to be sold for upwards of £100 to be a feasable business, which just wasn’t happening…

This meant that, for the time being at least, Hippo Mat™ has to be made abroad. Which means we’re at the whims of the shipping woes caused by a combination of container shortage issues/COVID-19, and a UK lorry driver shortage. Due to it being our first year, we had no idea of how to anticipate just quite the delays we ended up experiencing. To put it into context, we ordered 1000 mats in March 2021. Usually, this would have arrived in 1-2 months, maximum. However this order did not arrive fully until November – nearly 9 months! Most of that time was spent either on a ship in the ocean, or stuck in a warehouse somewhere.

Moving forward, we feel we are better equipped to understand and predict potential delays along the line so that these things don’t happen in the future.

Please let me take this opportunity one more time to thank you for being so patient and understanding when waiting for your order to arrive – a lot of you actually placed the pre-order back in January! I’ve spoken to many of you either by e-mail, on social media, or on the phone which has been great in itself to get to connect with so many lovely people across the country.

Hippo Mat™ was only born in January this year after selling the Brighton Hippo Mat™ through my driving school page in 2020. What a year 2021 has been, and as everyone’s did, included many ups and downs. From nurturing and crafting 11 new designs (with the public’s help) all the way to completion Back in April, to losing many hours of sleep over a seemingly never-ending shipping delay, something pretty cool is hopefully being born out if it.

At the time of this Hippo News, we’re currently our 2nd logo and have begun introducing our latest logo and mascot, Reg the Hippo, who’ll be fully taking over  in 2022. Hopefully Reg will be up to the task, what do you reckon?

Our goal is to continue to spread education of local areas across the country in this fun car play mat form. The addition of Reg will hopefully add more fun and make the act of learning even more natural and hidden within play.

There’s a lot planned for 2022 including 35 (YES, THIRTY-FIVE) new locations, a whole host of new illustrations and characters, different types of new Hippo Mat™ products, and a lot more spreading positivity into local communities. It’ll be exciting, and with Reg’s help we plan on revolutionising the classic car play mat.

Thank you for sticking around for at least this part of the Hippo Mat™ journey, hopefully you’ll stick around for the next chapter!


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