15th June 2024 7:28 am

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Happy New Year!

We're working on New

Designs as we speak!

Oyez, Oyez, Oyez!

I (Reg the Hippo) have been looking for you for a while now, and I'm so glad to share what I have to say, share, and experience with the children and parents across the UK. The current face of Hippo Mat™ is my pal Playdough (he loves to eat playdough, so we call him it), however he's off to travel south east Asia next year as soon as the travel restrictions have lifted. So, I thought we could start getting to know each other slowly, and then I'll take the reigns from next year completely so that Playdough can go and find his true spiritual self.

So with that said, gather round and listen, for November is upon us! Last month saw many homes across the UK become proud owners of their own Hippo Mat™, with this month promising even more happy owners!



The new Hippo Mat™ logo will come into action fully in 2022

Phew. We. Made. It. 90% of pre-orders are fulfilled. 10% are still en route, and will arrive by 25th December this year. If yours has arrived, amazing - make sure you send us photos as we love seeing where every Hippo Mat™ makes its new home 😊

Mats were delivered across the country: from the Isle of Mann to the Scottish Highlands. There's even a Hippo Mat™ or two as far as MIAMI and AUSTRALIA, and a fair few dotted around Europe!

Here are just some of the fantastic photos you've been sharing. Look at all those happy hippos!

Still no sign of your order? If we haven't been in touch with you already, please contact the Hippo HQ and we'll do our utmost to sort out any issues.

Keep sending and sharing your photos - we love seeing where every Hippo Mat™ has made its new home!

organisations have received at least one free Hippo Mat™ (or it's en route to them!)
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Thanks to posts from Everything Blackpool (Facebook) and Blackpool Shows and Attractions (Facebook), 6 new organisations successfully applied to receive a free Hippo Mat™!

We are also happy to announce that a further 3 organisations successfully applied to receive a free Hippo Mat™, too!

Keep an eye on our socials, and also Hippo News, as we share insights and stories about these awesome places, and why they deserve a free Hippo Mat™ 😃

10% of profits go towards Reg's Pledge

Please SHARE the good word about Reg's Pledge on your social media, so that we can reach as many organisations as possible to gift them a free Hippo Mat™.

Last month, we listened to your suggestions for the next generation of Hippo Mat™ designs, adding things like bicycle lanes, diverse people, EV charging points were all things you suggested and we implemented.

Here's a sneak peak of some of the places on the Nottingham Hippo Mat™, including another look at the new future face of Hippo Mat™...

Simple, playful, recognisable landmarks with a sprinkle of magic. Please let us know your thoughts using the form below, or joining in the conversation on any of our social media accounts!

If you're liking how things are going for the next generation of Hippo Mat™ designs for 2022 (35 new locations!), it's highly recommended you pre-order yours. We're only going to be making very limited amounts, and if it's anything like this year, they'll sell out quickly...

In other news, the Quayside Seaside in Newcastle has recently permanently closed 😞 Scott Barker very kindly replaced the Quayside Seaside with an ice cream van instead on the Newcastle Hippo Mat™ 😊 The old-style (with the Quayside Seaside) will continue to be sold before being replaced by the new design in early 2022.

Get in touch and help us Design Your Hippo Mat™!
Don't like forms? Just shout us out @hippomatuk

More shares = more people who know about Hippo Mat™ = more worthy organisations who can receive a FREE Hippo Mat™. So no matter how small or big your online presence is, please SHARE the good word ❤️

Receive 70% off any one item from the Hippo Mat™ website for the first THREE people only. Order up!

coupons redeemed - sorry! Try again next month 😊
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December's edition of Hippo News looks to be jam-packed, as well as festive!

We'll be discovering a lot more about the amazing organisations across the country who've been receiving their free Hippo Mat™ through Reg's Pledge, and exactly how they're using and enjoying their new toy. On top of that we'll be sharing more sneak peeks of the new set of 35 Hippo Mat™ locations being released in 2022, as well as more of the amazing me (Reg... the hippo)!

See you on 1st December!



The new Hippo Mat™ logo will come into action fully in 2022

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