15th June 2024 7:32 am

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Happy New Year!

We're working on New

Designs as we speak!

Firstly, welcome to Hippo News, a new segment which will be released on the 1st day of every month, and contain all the happenings from the month before, and also look ahead to the month(s) ahead!

After a month of shipping delays (thanks, Brexit and Covid), finally we are beginning to dispatch all of the pre-orders placed this year! 6 new organisations are set to receive their own free Hippo Mat™ thanks to our Reg's Pledge initiative, a new independent retailer now stocks their own Hippo Mat™, updates on a new collection of Hippo Mat™ designs, and much more.

As you're hopefully aware, there have been multiple delays in getting all pre-orders out at the promised times. With the last week in the UK seeing us struggle to have fuel delivered, our requirements of needing a driver to get us our orders have fallen even lower in the pecking order. The goods are at Southampton port though, so it really shouldn't be much longer until we can get your orders to you. Please hang tight a *tiny* bit longer - we're super hopeful all pre-orders will be fulfilled in October (with a few exceptions).

Make sure you share your photos and tag us @hippomatuk. The crazier, the better!

organisations have received at least one free Hippo Mat™ (or it's en route to them!)
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Thanks to a post from @shoplocalbath (Instagram), 6 new organisations successfully applied to receive a free Hippo Mat™!

We are also happy to announce that a further __ organisations successfully applied to receive a free Hippo Mat™, too!

We can't wait for you all to receive your new local, educational, and original Hippo Mat™ 😃

10% of profits go towards Reg's Pledge

Please SHARE the good word about Reg's Pledge on your social media, so that we can reach as many organisations as possible to gift them a free Hippo Mat™.

In mid-August, we asked our Nottingham subscribers if they could give some feedback on the progress of the Notingham Hippo Mat. A new logo (and mascot), colour scheme, style of illustration were all present on the new Hippo Mat planned for 2022 - it was a lot to ask for feedback on!

Well, the feedback was AMAZING. While we couldn't implement EVERYTHING which people suggested, a fair amount was! Here's some of what we changed:

We're so grateful for your feedback and suggestions. Not only does it mean you can get involved and add your touch on an awesome item, it means together we can all be involved in creating something special. If you've got any thoughts on your particular Hippo Mat™, or indeed Hippo Mat™ in general, here's a form you can get in touch with us with. All submissions are read and replied to!

Feedback form

Stunning views as Sean, owner of independent retailer 61side and now proud stockist of the Newcastle Hippo Mat™, and Scott Barker, the designer of the mat, show off the awesomeness in all of it's glory!

For the first TEN people, receive 50% off absolutely anything from the Hippo Mat™ website. Order up!

coupons redeemed. Hurry!
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After a long wait, we are super excited that all pre-orders are to be fulfilled this month. Hundreds of you across the UK (and abroad) will finally be able to enjoy your new toy, and we hope you'll be taking and sharing lots of photos with us!

All successful Reg's Pledge organisations who are yet to receive their free Hippo Mat™ will be receiving them, and hopefully they'll be sharing some awesome photos for us to see! As always, let other organisations know about our Reg's Pledge initiative so they to can receive their own free Hippo Mat™!

We'll have a lot more exciting illustration work to show you as our talented designers prepare more epic Hippo Mat™ designs ready for 2022.

See you on 1st November!

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