Some Samples! Then, Time to Test 😎

Well, after hours of love, creativity, and pure hard work, the first samples are available for each of the 11 new Hippo Mat locations!

The 11 new Hippo Matâ„¢ designs were created by 11 different artists from around the UK, all of whom either live/have lived in the area they re-created in hippo-mat-style.

They look UH-MAZE-ING. Each design is so unique, with it's own personality, just like the places actually are themselves, along with the people who live there.

Stay tunes for behind-the-scenes action on how each Hippo Matâ„¢ is made, and photos of them in action!

The next stages:

Here's some quick facts about your Hippo Matâ„¢:

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