21st September 2023 12:59 pm

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LESS THAN 2 Months To Go... Barnsley, Canterbury, Keep Your Eyes Peeled Thanks For Your Amazing Less than 30%

...Who's Excited Bedford, And Poole Around The Website For Photos! Keep Them Of Available Stock

For Their New Toy!? Have Been Improved! Special Discount Codes! Coming In! For New Designs Is Left

Well, after hours of love, creativity, and pure hard work, the first samples are available for each of the 11 new Hippo Mat locations!

The 11 new Hippo Mat™ designs were created by 11 different artists from around the UK, all of whom either live/have lived in the area they re-created in hippo-mat-style.

They look UH-MAZE-ING. Each design is so unique, with it's own personality, just like the places actually are themselves, along with the people who live there.

Stay tunes for behind-the-scenes action on how each Hippo Mat™ is made, and photos of them in action!

The next stages:

Here's some quick facts about your Hippo Mat™:

1 share = 1 disco hippo

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