Looking for a very Brighton Gift for Kids?

U-DRIVE proudly presents the Brighton Gift for Kids on everyone’s lips: the Brighton Hippo Mat™. Aimed at 1-8 year olds, this brighton gift is quirky, unique, and productive all at the same time.
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There are now a total of 11 BRAND NEW Hippo Mat™ designs – all aimed at sharing the love of loving your local area in a nostalgic, fun, and educational way! Bath Hippo Mat™ by Finola Stack Belfast Hippo Mat™ by Jonathan Temples Birmingham Hippo Mat™ by Chloe Fae Evans Blackpool Hippo Mat™ by Billie

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Forget masks, lockdowns, and social distancing for just a moment. Wipe away those tiers, because this year, 11 lucky locations are being added to the Hippo Mat™ family 😍… https://hippomat.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/11-Seconds-11-Locations-with-Names-of-Locations.mp4 🎉 To celebrate, we’re giving YOU the chance to help shape the design of each new map, and win some awesome prizes at the same

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Human brains aren’t fully developed at birth and as they change throughout childhood our capacity to remember improves. Memories are essential for our social, emotional and cognitive development as they form the basis of our sense of self and our ability to learn. The simple act of playing with an educational toy in the early

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